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Pelmets - Adds a finishing touch to any window treatment! A pelmet is used as a 'fixture' or ‘frame’ above a window to hide curtain fixtures, as a decorative feature. These pelmets are usually made of plywood and can either be covered in matching or contrast fabric or painted. The pelmet itself is available in different designs. For example, you could have a simple board pelmet or you could choose to have the bottom edge scalloped. You could also choose to add decorative features to the bottom of the pelmet such as braiding or tassels.

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Sun-visors for your home! Awnings are a popular and effective way of shading your home and reducing energy costs of air conditioners and other cooling appliances by preventing the heat, sun and UV rays from passing through your glass windows, thus keeping your home cool and protecting your furniture. Awnings for your home are mainly fitted to the exterior of your home so when measuring, you must leave ample room at the top to allow for the head box and also unobstructed clearance for any folding or swing arms. Awnings are not only for homes but also for caravans to again act as an effective way of shading and cooling your caravan. Measuring for an awning for a caravan is quite different to a window, measurements need to be taken from the ground left, up and over the front face and then back down the right of the caravan, to the ground, almost like in an arc. There are different types of operational methods available for Awnings, Folding Arm Awnings are retractable and fully self-supportive and do not require any posts giving a more clean and unobtrusive look. These are especially great for windows, patios and pool areas and are generally hand operated using a crank handle although it is recommended to use a motorised arm for larger awning. Motor Operated Awnings offer the same benefits as Folding Arm Awnings, however by having a motorised operation to wind and unwind, makes it easier for home owners, especially the elderly, to enjoy the outdoors. Some even come with a remote control unit and sun sensors to make utilisation even easier. Awnings consist of a head box, stainless steel guide bars, self-locking arms and durable fabric, usually canvas with a manual or motorised folding arm. Awnings can be made from PVC as well as canvas which is a more popular fabrics used for its durability, strength and ability to filter out heat, light and UV rays. Fabrics can also range from sheer mesh fabric that can filter out sunlight through to a total block out fabric adding more cooling and privacy to the area.

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Roman Blinds
Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds - add a touch of class to your home! Roman blinds are regularly made from extremely thick and heavy materials, giving them an elegant look. The blind is divided into even horizontal panels, which have a firm strip of wood built in to each panel. When the blind is lifted (using a pulley cord) each panel raises one-by-one which means that it is possible to have blinds halfway open, fully open, closed or at any stage in-between, while still drawing the benefits of the protective and insulating fabric. Roman blinds typically have a protective head-rail that hangs over the top like a pelmet, and can be fitted flat to the window opening for maximum insulation. Apart from the elegance of the roman blinds style, one of the benefits of choosing this product for your home is the unbelievable light-blocking abilities of the fabric and design. Energy bills are forever on the rise and the cost of our consumption on the earth is getting more and more damaging. Because of this, people are eager to find ways in which they can lower their heating and cooling bills and reduce the impact they have on the planet through their consumption. Roman blinds offer a more complete insulation solution; prevent heat from escaping during the colder months, and block out the sunlight during the summer months. This means that the Roman blinds not only look great but are cost effective as well! New designs and styles in fabric and interior design mean that although roman blinds are a more classic style, there are many more modern day options that suit even the most minimal and modern of homes. For those looking for the traditional classic look, roman blinds work perfectly with heavy, rich and luxurious fabrics.

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Your Local Blinds Solutions Specialist Our company is all about proving the perfect window furnishing solution for your home and windows. So when you’re in need of a complete window blinds solution for your home, office, shop, factory or warehouse, it’s important to deal with an expert. We are dedicated to providing the best outsourcing solution by finding the most suitable company which will provide you with many options and solutions that are perfectly suited to your local environment and conditions. We offer obligation-free quotes at a time convenient for you. Call Blind Solutions today for the best looking windows in your area!

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Thank you Blinds Solutions for reffering Mic and his team. They were very professional and offered us a wide range of Roman Blinds that we were looking for "We loved the look that our new Roman Blinds have given our home, so stylish and elegant.n" And the service overall was great. M Janes

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