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Pelmets - Adds a finishing touch to any window treatment! A pelmet is used as a 'fixture' or ‘frame’ above a window to hide curtain fixtures, as a decorative feature. These pelmets are usually made of plywood and can either be covered in matching or contrast fabric or painted. The pelmet itself is available in different designs. For example, you could have a simple board pelmet or you could choose to have the bottom edge scalloped. You could also choose to add decorative features to the bottom of the pelmet such as braiding or tassels.

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Sunscreen Blinds
Sunscreen Blinds

When you need to cool your home but not lose you view, the answer is Sunscreen Blinds! Sunscreen rollers give your home the ultimate in light and temperature control without hindering on your view. Adding a sophisticated and elegant appearance whilst giving protection from the sun – which can fade fabrics, furniture and carpets. Sunscreen Roller fabrics come in many colours and by combining plain and metallic threads give the roller a unique golden tinge. The sunscreen fabrics have an openness factor of approximately 6% that will blockout around 94% UV light. Fabric widths come in a maximum of 3310mm so blinds that are over 3000mm in width may have a joining. Also the warranty may be limited for custom-made blinds over 3000mm in width. The standard size would be around 2500mm with a weight bearing of 500gsm makes it durable and holds its shape well through the years. Sunscreen Rollers are made with the environment in mind using design processes, materials and product that are environmentally friendly. The fabrics used on Sunscreen Rollers are made from flame retardant material so it will suit commercial purposes too. Sunscreen fabrics can have a composition of 30% Polyester and 70% PVC and this makes for easy maintenance by wiping down with a soapy wet cloth. They are also made from fibre glass which is imperishable, non-flammable, antistatic, hypoallergenic, rot free and maintains its shape with minimum maintenance. You also have a choice in which way your roller will roll - front roll or back roll - this will determine how much gap will show between the window frame and the blind that could affecting privacy levels. Valances are also available to add a finishing touch to your Sunscreen Roller. Methods of operation can vary from individual chain-driven mechanisms that are manual, automatic or electronic. There are also different mounting systems such as placing the blinds side by side so they both can be operated by a single control. Double mounted brackets allow two blinds on the same window, ideal for a sheer day Sunscreen Roller and then a blockout blind for night. Other options are to have the blind mounted in a cassette which is great for hiding away the mechanisms and lastly is to have an aluminium bar at the bottom of the blind, giving a more modern finish.

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Timber Venetians
Timber Venetians

Timber Venetians - a natural insulator helping to reduce your heating & cooling costs! Timber Venetian Blinds can add a touch of elegance and style to any window covering. Available in a number of finishes dependent on the type of wood used, for example the warm tones of Canadian Western Red Cedar or Basswood or the light honey to blonde tones of the Paulownia Tree are perfect for creating a welcoming and modern look for your home or office. These timbers provide strength, durability and are resistant to rot and insect damage. Timber Venetians can also come in an assortment of colours, oils, stains or lacquers to suit your decor, add a decorative tape and really customise your look. As timber is a natural insulator, heating and cooling costs can be reduced making your investment very cost effective. Imitation timber or wood is now used as an alternative to natural Timber Venetian Blinds. These are usually made from a mixture of man-made materials and natural wood particles which makes it less expensive than choosing natural timber. The Imitation Timber Blinds are resistant to warping from the elements and have a high UV rating, ideal for areas of severe temperature fluctuations, moisture or humidity prone areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

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Thank you Blinds Solutions for reffering Mic and his team. They were very professional and offered us a wide range of Roman Blinds that we were looking for "We loved the look that our new Roman Blinds have given our home, so stylish and elegant.n" And the service overall was great. M Janes