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The most popular and commonly seen blinds are roller blinds. These blinds are available in many different materials and a spring instrument is used to operate them.

Perhaps the reason behind the popularity of these blinds is that they are neat looking and very simple to use and handle. You can adjust the blind at any level you desire just with the pull of a string or chain. These blinds not only give your windows a classy appearance, they also give you cover from the sun.

Roller blinds give pretty much any kind of room, whether casual or official, a sophisticated touch while giving you full control over your privacy. They are generally made out of hard, durable and stiff-looking material, so to soften the look down and to bring out their beauty; you can experiment with their looks and styles.


Olden day roller blinds were made of solid sheets of stiff fabric with a tube consisting a spring and ratchet. The use of the spring was to raise and lower the blind by a pulley which was at the base of the fabric allowing easy control over the blinds.

Roller blinds can be adjusted to any desired level just by using side winders which lock the blinds at different heights. Motorized blinds are also in demand. Motorized blinds give you control over the blinds with the use of a remote.

There can be two ways to hang roller blinds:

  1. Inside Mount Roller Blinds
    Roller blinds fixed inside window frame camouflaging the blinds with the wall.
  2. Outside Mount Blinds
    Roller blinds fitted outside window frame to cover large areas.


The vast variety of style and fabric available for roller blinds is one of the main reasons to why these type of blinds are in such high demand. Advance technologies in designing fabrics and system hardware controller have made manufacturing of fabrics with textured weaves, smooth with minimal plains, semi-transparent, screens and opaque texture probable. Furthermore, all of these fabrics are designed to give protection from the sun and sound and temperature insulation.

Roller blinds over time have brought improvement in interior design as well as contemporary architecture. Available in traditional standard blinds and new double roller and panel blinds, these blinds can transform the appearance of any interior dramatically. Minis, cassette and roof can also be customized to match your décor.

The Benefits of Roller Blinds

  • Simple, clean, organized look
  • Easy to use
  • Can be Motorised
  • Low maintenance
  • Affordable
  • Vast variety of styles, fabrics and design
  • Control over sun exposure

Roller blinds can be a practical approach to add a stylish look to your rooms, provided you smartly accommodate them in your spaces.


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